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Stop Worrying

Stop worrying

Worrying about everything is bad for your health, and although most of us know this, we just can’t help ourselves at times. We have to keep reminding ourselves that, rather than worrying about the matter in question, if we can’t actually change the current happening of now, then in time, how can we create a solution to straighten out the problem. So, instead of worrying about the what if, or how we could have done things differently, just accept that at that time, it was the choice of words or action of the moment and it cannot be altered – it is now in the past, so just work out how to rectify the issue.
Overthinking is when one is excessively worrying and over analysing certain things to the point where it starts affecting your mental health, and where you simply can’t stop going over and over the same thing. You keep returning to the same thought, even when it is in the past and nothing can be done about it, constantly engaging in negative thought patterns or things that may have also angered you. All this creates anxiety, some of us may be more prone to feeling anxious than others. Some may say it is a matter of personality, how we are naturally, where some people just feel more vulnerable while others may inherit traits from anxious parents, cultural lifestyles or past trauma.
Overthinking can create ailments like headaches, body aches, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, lack of appetite and stomach problems. Links to heart problems and stroke have been noted, so eliminating the harmful overthinking as best we can, can provide us with better mental health and overall well-being.

Identifying the stress triggers
Writing things down helps; it may be one or a number of things, but having it visually available reminds us what needs to be avoided, be it situations or people and their actions and how we follow with our own action plan.

The action plan
Avoiding the people or situations that may trigger us is the obvious solution, however not always possible, sometimes that special event we may have to attend brings unwanted environment placement. The overthought of seeing that person of annoyance can infuriate and bring on bitterness, angered thoughts and stress.

Alter the situation
Adapt by altering the situation and not engaging personally, go along to the required place but do your own thing; using headphones, EarPods and your phone can be your saviour with an abundance of preferable interest in entertainment that can distract you. Your non engagement is enough to send a msg.

Accept the circumstances
It is perfectly acceptable to feel the way you do; it is about you and how you feel personally in any situation. Talk to a friend who understands you, someone who may help you understand and take a different angle of thought in a more positive way that you may not have thought of. Often our own way of thought can be clouded when we are upset, stressing and overthinking on the matter in subject.

Ask yourself
Is this worry genuinely worth worrying about, is the particular person worth worrying about, or the situation. Removing their worth means they have no value and now not worth your own precious time or thoughts on. You are now managing your worry by proactively deciding how much of an impact you want it to have on your life.

Learn from other people’s behaviour towards you, they have shown you who they are, how much or little respect they have for you, where you are placed of importance. Use this for your own future actions and don’t waste any more time in going out of your way and putting yourself out for others who are non-deserving. Act equally for balance and self-preservation.

Set your boundaries
Express your thoughts for what is acceptable behaviour for you and what is not, say how you feel and then the ball is in their court. How they choose to play after this is up to them – if they continue to displease you, you have to make the call, that each action has a consequence. This becomes your boundary.

Focus on all the good in life – life itself, your health, nature, the beauty of those people who are selfless, kind, unconditionally loving, non-judgemental and generally always there for you.

Discard the ‘what if’, work on ‘how now’.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x
Facebook: Samsara Kyriakou

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