About Us

Parikiaki is the leading Cypriot newspaper published in London which serves the Greek and Cypriot communities in excess of 300,000 people.

The newspaper was established in 1974 with the object of responding to the growing needs of the Greek speaking communities in London and the UK. These were social, cultural, educational needs, as well as other information on areas of recruitment and community relations in general.

Parikiaki is a platform for a wide range of views and ideas, as well as a source of independent news concerning the above mentioned communities.

Although Parikiaki is published mainly in the Greek language, the launch of our English Section has meant we have increased our readership to include those whose first language of English.

The newspaper is circulated every Thursday with 40-58 pages in each issue and about 60% of the paper is devoted to news and features with the remainder allocated to display adverts.

Parikiaki is widely distributed in London and has a vast number of subscribers all over the UK, Cyprus, Greece, and various countries of the world.

To advertise your company with us, please contact our Advertising Department on 020 8341 5853 (Ext. 233).