PEO trade union federation on the new dust cloud and its impact on workers

PEO calls on all workers to assert their right to protection of their health

25 April 2024, Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO)

We are once again witnessing high dust concentrations in the atmosphere well above the permissible limits in accordance with the relevant legislation. This phenomenon is being felt all over Cyprus and involves health risks for workers working in open spaces.

As provided for in the legislation and the relevant code for the protection of workers from dust incidents, employers are obliged to take technical and organisational measures to protect their employees.

Unfortunately, PEO notes that a large section of employers are not taking any measures to protect workers, and this has a negative impact on worker’s health, particularly those in vulnerable groups.
PEO urges the Labour Inspectorate, as the department responsible for enforcing the legislation, to intensify its checks on the implementation of the legislation and to take appropriate action where it detects any violations.

We also consider it imperative to carry out a campaign to inform workers of the provisions of the Code and the measures that must be taken.

Finally, PEO calls on workers to assert their right to protection of their health against all the risks they face during their work.

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