Experts have been warned over strict toilet flushing rules in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Holidaymakers in the European Union this summer have been warned to follow the rules and regulations by experts at Wholesale Domestic who have spoken out today.

In Sweden, barriers often control access to public bathrooms and require a small payment of exact change that goes towards paying staff who keep the facilities clean, so it’s wise to always have cash on hand. And you can’t flush toilet paper in some countries.

In countries such as Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus, you can’t flush toilet paper due to narrow pipes and sewer systems that struggle to break down toilet paper, making them more prone to clogging. Instead, a bin is usually provided in the cubicle where you should dispose of the used paper.Unless you’re in busy tourist areas, public toilets are usually free in European countries. However, when there are staff members attending to them, it’s customary to leave a tip as a gesture of appreciation for their efforts in maintaining cleanliness and upkeep.

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