Bambos Charalambous was absolutely delighted  to complete his first ever London Marathon and to have done so in 5 hours 51 minutes and nine seconds.

I  decided to run the London Marathon in order to raise money for four local charities that I have got to know very well in recent the years and seen first hand the amazing work they do.

A big thank you to all those that have donated but if you haven’t donated and would like to you can at the bottom of the page.

The four charities are:

North London Hospice who have their Well Being Centre in Barrowell Green and provide amazing care, support and services for people at the end of their lives and for their families and loved ones too. I heard a moving speech from the late Joy Watkins who was receiving care and support at the hospice which motivated me to introduce a private members bill in 2018 on the provision of comprehensive palliative care. More recently a close family member has started receiving support from NLH.

The UK Thalassaemia Society are based in Southgate and provide advocacy and support for people with this rare inherited blood disorder which requires regular blood transfusions and can be life limiting.

The Butterfly AVM charity provide AVM (arteriovenous malformation) sufferers and their families with information and advice on who to turn to for help. They also help raise funds for this rare condition that can cause loss of bleeding, neurological function, seizures and many other symptoms. Nikki Lilly Christou who is the inspiration and founder of the charity and has AVM and has had over 70 operations despite still being a teenager. She is one of the most remarkable human beings you will ever meet.

Cooking Champions run a community kitchen and help to educate and empower the local community on all food-related matters as well as providing hot meals for those who need them.

My aim is to raise as much money as I can for these charities

Thank you for all your support

  • You can donate  HERE

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