In memory of the late

Wendy-Maria Tambor

Wendy-Maria Tambor was an original British Citizen.

She died on the 16 March 2024, at 11.30am, after a brain stroke.

She died single (unmarried).

The funeral took place on the 2 April 2024 via Demetriou & English Funeral

Directors at “New Southgate Cemetery & Crematorium”.⁴

From 11.02.1991 she was a member of the “International League”.

Below is the “funeral speech”, which was written by Nicholas Stamoulakatos,

the president of the above committee.

She was a correspondent the “British News Agency Storm”, the registrar,

corrector, translator of our NGO above committee and representative in

the International Courts, (1991 – 2024), in Geneva, (United Nations), Brussels, (European Union), Strasbourg, (Court of Human Rights) and in Hague, (International Court against the Humanity Crimes).

Her sisters Sheila, Susan, Carol and Jane cried inconsolably…

London, 2nd April 2024

Speech by the representative

of ‘Ίnternational League” Anna Skinner,

a member of the Organization, in memory of

the late Wendy- Maria Tambor (1950-2024).

Dear Wendy,

your death (16/03/2024 at 11.30am) in the North Middlesex University Hospital created a “storm” on the head and in the heart of our members in 214 countries and Mr Nicholas Stamoulakatos is still in isolation, overwhelmed by melancholy and shock, after the loss of his faithful helper and supporter for 35 years.

Your kindness, your undying devotion, your passion, your legal reports (1991-2024) as our Registrar, translator and editor, will continue to guide us as a light in these dark hours.

We will keep the date of 16/03/24 as a mark of bereavement and mourning and we hope to be allowed to keep a part of your ashes in a glass box as a focal honored point for our memories.

Sheila, Susan, Carol and Jane, your dear sisters will be the co-heirs of Nicholas Stamoulakatos honouring your participation for all these years to our aims.

We will never forget you.

Goodbye, unforgettable Wendy.


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