I am truly honoured and very excited to be a part of the London 2024 Marathon and I will be running to raise funds for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). 

The RNIB is a fantastic charity that helps people overcome and cope with every day activities that many of us take for granted. My own diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis has given me some insight into facing everyday life challenges and I wanted to help in some small way. 

My inspiration in running for this charity is a young man called Mikey Poulli who lost his sight at the age of 7 by a rare eye disease called Rod Cone Dystrophy. Despite the enormous challenges he faced and continues to face, he perseveres with his dream of becoming a professional footballer. His multiple personal achievements, including training with the England development squad, through his own persistence, determination, and courage, make Mikey a true inspiration and a great example of battling and overcoming challenges which he, and many others, face everyday.

I hope, with everyone’s help, we can raise plenty of money towards this great cause and show our support for those affected by sight loss. 



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  1. Anthea says:

    Here is the link for anyone that would like to sponsor!


  2. Anthea says:

    For anyone that would like to sponsor, here is the link:

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