The government must respond to the press reports of joint military exercises with Israel

The government must respond to the press reports revealing that Cyprus has participated in joint military exercises with Israel to simulate an attack on Iran. Such a possibility makes Cyprus a target.
When almost the entire international community is warning of the dangers of a widespread military conflict breaking out, the government cannot ignore the situation and cede Cyprus’ territory and airspace to Israel in preparation for a war.
Indeed at a time when Israel’s actions are creating conditions for the generalisation of the war and conflicts and continuing the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.
The Christodoulides government is called upon to put the interests of Cyprus above all else.
It is called upon to protect our country and not to put it in danger.

A picture taken from Cyprus’ warship “Ioannides” shows a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter taking part in the “Multinational CIMIC Exercise, ARGONAUT 2019, Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations, a rescue drill in which the militaries of Cyprus, Greece, France, Britain, Israel, Germany and the US participated on May 30, 2019 off the coast of Mari between the southern ports of Larnaca and Limassol in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. (Photo by Iakovos Hatzistavrou / AFP) (Photo credit should read IAKOV

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