AKEL: The Cypriot people do not want their country to be a free for all for the butchers of the peoples

19 April 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The information transmitted by Israeli state television about the transfer of American missiles to Israel via Cyprus is cause for concern and puts the Christodoulides government before its responsibilities. It is inconceivable for the government to reply that it does not know whether or not this extremely dangerous matter for the country is true, as if it were about another country and not about our own homeland.

The government ought to know what is happening in the country, whether foreign armies and armaments are stationed there, whether they are involving our country in any military operations.

If the government did not indeed know about the transfer of American missiles to Israel via Cyprus, then it should be informed immediately and if the transfer was in fact carried out then it should immediately make protestations to the foreign governments that are involved. If it does not do so, then something else is going on.

The government’s statements of ignorance on the matter do not save the Christodoulides government, which for six months now has been politically covering up the atrocities being committed by Israel and the Netanyahu government.

AKEL stresses that the status of the British bases, even as defined by the Treaty of Establishment, demands the approval of the Republic of Cyprus for the use of the bases by third states outside the Commonwealth.

All the more so, given that the Cypriot people have never compromised with the colonial remnant of the British bases, nor do they accept that our country is being turned into a free-for-all by Israel and the Americans-British in order to facilitate the massacre
of the Palestinian people.

AKEL calls on the Christodoulides government to realise the dangerous paths on which its policy is dragging the country on and to take responsibility for the dangers that are being created.

A view of an Iron Dome anti-missile battery, near Ashkelon, in southern Israel April 17, 2024. REUTERS/Hannah McKay


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