President Joe Biden paid tribute to Greek ideals and the ties that bind the United States to Greece in a celebration of Greek Independence Day at the White House on Thursday.

“America’s founding fathers studied ancient Greek thinkers and leaders. Our revolution in 1776 was inspired – literally, not freely – by their ideas,” Biden told a crowd of Greek Americans and friends of Greece from the political, business, and arts communities.

“Forty-five years after that Greek patriots fought for their own independence, galvanized by America’s quest for liberty. That is why the anniversary of Greece’s independence is a special day in America as well. Our nations are connected. We have shared values, shared aspirations, and shared belief that anything is possible,” he said.

“The bonds between us are rooted in our history, but the are very much alive today.”


Archbishop Elpidophoros of America also delivered remarks, expressing gratitude to the US president for his dedication to Greece and Cyprus, and for advocating “for a just and peaceful solution” to the division of the Mediterranean island following Turkey’s invasion.

He also thanked Biden for his “unwavering support of the purely spiritual mission of our Ecumenical Patriarchate,” while commending the US leader for being “the leading advocate for the cause of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, who are still fighting two years later for their very lives against the unjust and inhuman invasion of their land.”

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