Statement by Christos Christofides, Head of AKEL’s Education Policy and MP on the commemoration and honouring of the 50th anniversary of the treacherous coup and the barbaric Turkish invasion
21 April 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
We express our strong disappointment and anger at the fact that in the circular issued by the Ministry of Education on the commemoration and honour events that should be held in our schools, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the twin crimes and the brutal Turkish invasion, any reference to the treacherous coup d’état of the Greek Junta and EOKA B has disappeared. As a result, in the many events to be organised there is absolutely no reference at all to the betrayal that was committed in 1974.
The deliberate, distorted and fragmentary presentation of historical events does not help at all in the cultivation of a historical consciousness among our pupils, in the cultivation of a democratic consciousness and in raising an awareness that similar fascist attitudes as with the betrayal of 1974 lead to destruction.
Our people have suffered 50 years of the Turkish occupation brought about by the barbaric Turkish invasion. Dead, missing persons, 200,000 refugees, ethnic cleansing in half of Cyprus, violation of human rights, rape, the greatest catastrophe in our long history, was the result of the joint plans executed by the Greek Junta, EOKA B and Turkey under the auspices of NATO. The treacherous coup is a component part, a key element of what happened in 1974.
The falsification of History will not pass.
President Christodoulides obviously does not want to upset the current supporters of the greatest betrayal committed against our people. The supporters of the ideology that destroyed us and opened the gates to the Turkish army. Namely, the fascist far-rightists who are among his supporters and supported him in the presidential elections.
Already in our schools with the support of various such factors and with the tolerance demonstrated by the government and the support of those involved, fascism is growing.
We will not tolerate a repeat of the tolerance shown that led to the destruction of our country and people in 1974.
We call on the Ministry of Education to clarify its position and the other forces (especially the coalition parties supporting the government) to take a stand against the attempt to distort the historical truth.

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