OYFC Men’s II Advances to BSFL Final and Chasing Illustrious Treble: Omonia’s Men’s Second team continued their remarkable journey with a resounding 7-2 victory in the BSFL semi-final, booking their place in the final showdown. Spearheaded by the prolific Franco Amato, who notched an impressive five goals, the team showcased their offensive prowess and unwavering determination.
Coaches Andy Charalambous, Elia Constanti, and Demi Shiamishis have fostered a culture of success within the team, evident in their dominant performances throughout the season.
With their sights set on the coveted treble, the Men’s Green team embodies the spirit of Omonia Youth FC, inspiring unity and excellence on and off the field
WE ask  the Barnet League to rethink and rearrange the Final that is taking place on Greek Easter Sunday.

They should follow the example of other UK leagues where they dont arrange fixtures for Cypriot or Greek teams on Greek Easter Sunday

Greek Orthodox Easter is the most important day in our religious calendar. Most players and supporters will not be attending these games because they will be celebrating Easter.

In Cyprus Greece the Greek Orthodox Easter is a National Holiday.

Other Cypriot Clubs in the Barnet League playing on Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday are Olympia and Omonia Mens team



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