The Ministry of Defence is conducting, in collaboration with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, ARGONAFTIS 2024 multinational civil and military exercise.

The exercise began on Monday and will last until April 12. It will take place in three phases, in the sea, air and land area of the Republic of Cyprus (FIR and EEZ), a press release issued by the Ministry of Defense said.

Cyprus’ National Guard has the general coordination of the exercise, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Joint Rescue Coordination Center, as well as with the participation of a large number of government bodies.

The press release said that aviation vehicles and personnel from foreign countries will participate in the exercise.

Special National Plans “ESTIA” and “TEFKROS” will be in operation in order to assess the reception of civilians from neighboring areas, as well as dealing with Search and Rescue incidents within the area of responsibility of the Republic of Cyprus.

The exercise will be attended by a large number of foreign military and diplomats, the press release said.

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