AKEL will propose two people for the Cyprus Problem Team
The President did not inform the parties about the UN Secretary General’s proposals
3 April 2024, “Haravgi” newspaper
Following the clarifications and answers given by President Christodoulides to the letter sent by AKEL last October regarding the way the Group will operate on the Cyprus problem, AKEL’s General Secretary, Stefanos Stefanou, announced yesterday, speaking to ‘Astra’ radio station, that AKEL informed the President that it will propose two people to be included in the Cyprus Problem Team/Group.
At the same time, St. Stefanou said he hadn’t been briefed about the proposals submitted by the UN Secretary General that were subsequently accepted by Mr. Christodoulides, pointing out the need to convene the National Council in order for the political parties to be briefed and for an exchange of views.
Regarding the European elections, Stefanos Stefanou called on the members and friends of AKEL to work hard so as to strengthen the voice of AKEL- Left – Social Alliance in the upcoming European Parliament and to achieve the goal of electing 2 MEPs.

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