AKEL on the anniversary of 1st April
AKEL honors all those who participated in our country’s anti-colonial struggle
1 April 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
AKEL pays tribute to the self-sacrifice and heroism shown by the sons and daughters of our homeland who fought against the British colonial yoke for the freedom and self-determination of Cyprus. Our assessment of the tactics that were chosen at the time for waging an armed struggle and the role of Grivas is given. At the same time, also given is the honour to the heroes of the EOKA struggle who sacrificed their lives in the battles waged and on the hanging gallows.
Cyprus’ struggle to throw off the colonial yoke escalated after Britain broke the promises it had made during the Second World War, denying the Cypriot people the right to self-determination. Colonialism intensified its repression and violence against the Cypriot people, while at the same time intensifying its persecution and repression of the Left.
AKEL honours all those who participated in our homeland’s anti-colonial struggle. The greatest honour, of course, belongs to our people who never compromised with the British colonial yoke, nor with the remnants of colonialism, namely the British bases, which exist to this day on our island’s territory and which are being used as an aggressive launching pad and base against the peoples of our region.
AKEL considers the fact that the armed struggle of 1955-59 didn’t lead to the fulfilment of its set goal must be a source of drawing lessons. The unity of the people on the basis of principles and goals, the correct choice of strategy and tactics that take into account the objective facts and given balance of forces, are all crucial elements in every people’s struggle.
This constitutes a valuable compass for the struggle our homeland is waging today, to end the ongoing Turkish occupation and the de facto partition of our island, for liberation and reunification by achieving a solution to the Cyprus problem on the agreed basis and framework.

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