Minister of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus, Vassilios Palmas, highlighted the historical significance of the Greek national anniversary of the 25th of March, in his remarks after attending on Monday the military parade in the center of Athens.

“Today we commemorate the Greek Revolution of 1821 – the first successful national liberation movement in Europe that led to the establishment of the independent Greek state,” Palmas said.

As he stressed, “the Greek Revolution of 1821 was a turning point in European history”, instilling “the air of freedom and justice into enslaved peoples” and “leading to the collapse of monarchical empires and the creation of nation-states”.

“Today, on the day of the Annunciation of the Theotokos and the announcement of the God-given message of the birth of Christ, Hellenism celebrates the Greek Regeneration”, he added.

“We pay the highest tribute to the Greek men and women who, by raising the banner of the Revolution” won for the sake of their religion and homeland, the Cypriot Defence Minister concluded, offering warm congratulations to the Greek State and the Armed Forces for the parade.

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