Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, attended an event in north London on Sunday to mark the formal opening of a house to accommodate Cypriots travelling to London for medical treatment. This house, known as “The Nest”, has been bought by the charity Alkionides UK who work to support vulnerable patients who need care in the UK.
The celebration took place at the Nest in Cumbrian Gardens in the NW2 area, and was attended by His Excellency the Cyprus High Commissioner and many eminent members of the British Cypriot community.
Speaking after the ceremonies had concluded, Theresa said “I pay tribute to Marie Nicholsby and her team at Alkionides UK. Raising £1 million to buy this house is a tremendous achievement. I’m sure the people who come to stay here as they wait for their operations will feel at home in this cosy and comfortable environment.
“It must be stressful and exhausting to have to travel to a different country for medical treatment and I am sure that patients who have to do this value the support and help they receive from Alkionides UK.
“I would also like to thank Marie for giving me a copy of the book she has written on the history of the Alkionides charity. I am sure this will be an inspiring story to read.”
Theresa Villiers has been supporting the British Cypriot community and campaigning for a free and united Cyprus for over 20 years. She has attended many Cypriot events to show her support for the community.

Photos: Alexios Gennaris

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