Three in four children due to start secondary school in Barnet this September have been offered a place at their first-choice school.

Figures published on National Secondary Admission Offer Day 2024 by the Pan London Admissions Board show that 74.8% of Barnet pupils were offered a place at their first-preference school, compared to the London average of 70.5%.

Barnet Council has offered all applicants a place, and its parental satisfaction rate is higher than the average for London.

The Pan London Admissions Scheme ensures parents receive an offer for their child at the school that is highest in their list of preferences for which they are eligible under the admissions criteria.

Parents select six schools in order of preference and submit their choices to the borough where they live. Each application is then considered under an equal preference system.

This year more than 94% of Barnet pupils were offered a place at one of their preferred secondary schools, with 91% receiving an offer for one of their top three choices.

Barnet has excellent schools that achieve some of the best results in the country, including all non-fee-paying secondary schools.

Over the last six years, students in Barnet have performed exceptionally well in their GCSEs, with the borough ranking third highest in the country based on Attainment 8 and second highest for Progress 8 (2023).

Last year, the average Attainment 8 score for GCSE pupils was 57 – well above the 2019 pre-pandemic national average of 44.7 and in line with Barnet’s 2019 score of 57.1.

The percentage of pupils with a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in both English and Maths was 65.9% – higher than the Barnet 2019 average of 62.7% and over 25 percentage points above the 2019 national average of 40.1%

A Level results in Barnet were again in the top 5% of the country, with 81.3% of students achieving an A* to C grade compared to the national average of 75.4% and nearly a third achieving at least two As and a B.

Cllr Pauline Coakley Webb, Cabinet Member for Family Friendly Barnet, said: “I am pleased to hear that we have been able to offer so many pupils a place at one of their preferred secondary schools this year, with three-quarters due to attend their first-preference school. I would like to thank the admissions team in Barnet for the efficient way that they co-ordinate the secondary admissions process.

“We have some of the best schools in the country in Barnet, with pupils achieving consistently high results. We are proud of our record on education and will continue to support our excellent schools and teachers so that pupils from all backgrounds are able to reach their full potential.”

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