The creation of an international legal body to regulate the development and use of autonomous weapon systems according to the values of humanitarian law is imperative, Cypriot MP Stefanos Stefanou has said.

Stefanou was speaking during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Peace and International Security of the 148th Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union which began on Sunday in Geneva. The discussion focused on addressing the social and humanitarian impact of autonomous weapons systems and artificial intelligence.

The rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence, Stefanou said, may offer unprecedented opportunities to basic sectors transforming economies and societies, but also creates challenges which should be tackled comprehensively through a robust legal and regulatory framework and international cooperation.

Referring to the development of autonomous weapons system, Stefanou underlined the need for establishing a binding international legal body, which would regulate their use according to ethical, legal and humanitarian values on which the international humanitarian law is based.

Adopting an international convention by 2026  that would prohibit the development of “robot killers” and would reflect a world consensus for the urgent tackling of challenges emanating from their use is equally important, he added.

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