AKEL will not tolerate authoritarian behaviour
The General Secretary of C.C. of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou, sent today a letter to the President and the members of the Board of Directors of RIK expressing AKEL’s protest over the fact that the Public Radio and Television Corporation did not cover the event to present the “Social Alliance”.
Here is the letter in its entirety:
“Last night, an event was organized to present the “Social Alliance”, a new formation that is an evolution of the “New Forces” of AKEL. ”Social Alliance” has emerged as a platform cooperating with AKEL in the upcoming elections. This fact, based on common sense and journalistic ethics, is by itself news worthy.
RIK, acting on the decision taken, as we were informed, by the news director Mr. Yiannis Nikolaou, who is under resignation according to his own statement issued to the House of Representatives, did not cover the event as he decided in his wisdom that the event obviously is of no journalistic interest.
This attitude violates both journalistic ethics and objectivity, as well as the codes that should govern public broadcasting in fulfilling its mission. We want to express our anger and strong protest regarding the stand of the Public Radio and Television Corporation, which insults a big and historic Party like AKEL. At the same time, RIK’s stand diminishes and discredits public broadcasting itself, emits arrogance and poses questions as to its role.
In view of the above, we ask the Board of Directors and the Directorate of RIK to examine the whole matter and to
subsequently inform us about the matter.
Finally, we must clarify in advance that asking for the application of journalistic ethics and objectivity does not constitute any interference or censorship in the work of journalists, which we fully respect. What we cannot tolerate, however, are authoritarian behaviours that operate selectively and censor political activity.”

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