One in three Cypriots is overweight, a press release issued on Sunday by the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association said on the occasion of the World Obesity Day (4th of March).

According to the Association, based on the latest data, 29.6% of Cypriots between the ages of 20 and 80 are included in the category of individuals with normal weight, 36.1% in the category of those who are overweight and 27.8% in the category of people who are obese.

The press release noted that 2.1% of men are underweight, 22.2% of men have a normal weight, 10.5% of women are underweight, 36.6% of women have normal weight, while 46.9% of men and 26% of women are overweight. A percentage of 28.8% of men and 26.9% of women are obese.

Furthermore, it noted that an action plan is underway to address child and adult obesity with interventions aimed at wider changes at the institutional level and at the level of public policy, which will create a favourable environment that will facilitate the management of the problem.

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