Koulla Pishiri’s close family gave her a surprise 80th birthday party on Saturday 2nd March 2024 serving afternoon tea.Koulla never had any clue that there was going to be a party.
Koulla was born the daughter of Christoforos Loizou and Fountzou Tsioupra in Komi Kebir and came to London at a young age and worked as a secretary after attending Pitmans College.
Her father owned a catering business and her mother was a seamstress.
She has a younger Brother Louis Loizou who is the President of the 12 Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Brookmans Park and a sister Eva Hadjinicola who was the Head of the English School in Nicosia, Cyprus.
She married Andreas Pishiri who was also from Komi Kebir and the owner of Cronos Electronics in London they have two children two boys Jon and Chris Pishiri the owners of Jon Christopher Chartered Surveyors. She has also been graced with six Grandchildren.

Photos were taken by Andy Stylianou.

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