The Council of Ministers decided Wednesday to provide financial aid to those affected by the storm that hit the Maronite village of Kormakitis and Limassol earlier this year.

A tornado hit the Limassol district on February 14, causing huge damages to properties while Kormakitis, in Turkish occupied Keryneia district, was flooded end of January as a result of a storm.

 Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou said after the Cabinet meeting that “we will proceed immediately with the payment,” noting that the deadline for applications is set for March 15.

Ioannou said that approximately 191 houses, 19 commercial premises and 104 vehicles have been damaged. He noted that a categorization has been made, for example financial assistance of 80% with a maximum amount of €20,000 will be given for private residences without insurance, while those who are insured will be offered a maximum amount of €3,000 deducted from the excess waiver.

The same philosophy, he pointed out, applies to rental homes and commercial premises.

Ioannou said that the deadline for applications is March 15 and the applications will be examined by a three-member committee comprising a civil engineer and technicians from the Limassol municipality, while in case of objections, another committee was established to examine them.

“We will proceed immediately with the payment if the deadline of March 15 is met,” he added.

Financial aid to Kormakitis victims


The Interior Minister said that the Council of Ministers has decided to provide financial aid for humanitarian reasons to those affected by the extreme weather and flooding that hit the community of Kormakitis.

“The affected private properties were not covered by insurance due to the fact that they are located in the areas not controlled by the Republic and specifically a sum of €87,086 has been estimated for residential properties and €48,000 will be given to the Community Council for infrastructure and road projects,” he noted.

He said that damage to private houses up to €1,000 would be covered in full and over €1,000 by 80%.


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