Duo Violins is an artistic composition of two violinists who excel with their wonderful music. Dimitris Isaris and Giorgos Gaitanos were united by their passion for music, composition and the violin, which in recent years has been the instrument with which they enchant the audience during their performances.

With the kind initiative of the His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira & Great Britain and the generous sponsorship of both the Holy Archdiocese and the Parish and Community of St John the Baptist, a music recital was held on Sunday 25 February 2024 by the Duo Violins and their collaborators, at the Greek Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist in Wightman Road. Notes and melodies flooded the church and everyone enjoyed the divine gift of music.

Concluding the event, His Eminence personally thanked the President of the Ecclesiastical Commit-tee, Mr. Andreas Ioannou, for his generous hospitality and spoke about the long tradition of harmoniously celebrating the Triodion period, leading up to Great Lent and the greatest feast of Easter. The recital was followed by a reception.

The unforgettable musical journey continued on Monday 26th February 2024 in an evening full of enchanting sounds at a sold-out Arts Depot theatre hall in North Finchley.

The two talented violinists, together with their band and the wonderful voice of Thodoris Voutsikakis, performed their own unique adaptations of rock, classic and modern repertoire.

The evening ended with ground-breaking covers of well-known traditional Greek hits which thrilled the Greek Cypriot community in the UK and filled the atmosphere with nostalgic feelings of our cultural heritage.

Photos Stavri Kay

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