Intervention by AKEL MP G.Koukoumas in the
29 February 2024
Regarding the argument that this issue is off the table in the debate we are having now, as it simply concerns a film co-production agreement and that the substance of inter-state relations should not enter into the debate. I think they should consider – at least those of us who are younger – to read about that for the racist apartheid regime in South Africa to fall, it was put under pressure with the imposition of sanctions and an economic and trade isolation was promoted so that that the racist regime could fall.
That is precisely why it is important today, when a genocide is underway, that we ourselves take a position on inter-state relations as well.
It has been said that as we speak we may be holding those in this House responsible for what is happening in Gaza. No, they are not the ones responsible – but there is a lot of hypocrisy here in this Chamber.
The first hypocrisy, Madam Speaker – and it may be of concern to you – is that for the 1 300 dead Israelis massacred by Hamas, the Speaker of Parliament and the DISY party decided to light up the Parliament building with the Israeli flag, but for the 30 000 Palestinians who died, not a single candle was lit…
The second hypocrisy, Madam President, is that this House has adopted a resolution condemning the murders of 1,300 Israeli civilians by Hamas, while for the 30,000 dead Palestinians, even today in the debate in Parliament, none of the other parties have found a single word to say for as long as we have been talking to denounce the murders of Palestinian civilians and children, the ongoing genocide, the war crimes being committed, the occupation and colonisation.
And all this is being said in the parliament of a country that is itself a victim of occupation.
You say that they are lost, as if they were lost when there are 30,000 dead Palestinians and 10,000 children slaughtered by the murderer Netanyahu, but you can’t even find a single to say to them, nor even to say the word “occupation”, nor utter the word “colonisation”.
The third hypocrisy is that you say that the issue is solely about culture and that it is not related to the Middle East issue. Well, all the rest of you have supported the stand taken by the European Union and your Political Groups in the European Parliament had voted to stop ALL cultural, sporting and artistic activities with Russia because of Putin’s invasion…well, shouldn’t the same be applied when it comes to Netanyahu?
So, Madam President, those here in this Chamber aren’t the ones responsible – but there are a lot of hypocrites here.”

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