The President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, said on Friday that the aim is to provide more humanitarian aid to Gaza, making use of the humanitarian corridor proposed by Cyprus and which everyone sees that it is being implemented.

Replying to journalists’ questions, on the sidelines of an event in Nicosia, in relation to the humanitarian aid that arrived in Gaza, the President of the Republic said that a second ship is being prepared, adding “we want to increase the volume of humanitarian aid transport. So, we’re talking to several states”.

He said he had communication with the Dutch Prime Minister who supported the initiative from day one and asked for technical assistance so that the aid can be transported faster.

“We are on a very good path, there is support clearly many more states because they see that what we were saying is being implemented and we are continuing,” he said.

Asked about the pier that the Americans are preparing, President said that the creation of the pier will allow even more aid to be transferred because there will be no restriction on the ships that can be used.

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