Cyprus’ main exports for 2023 included mineral fuels and oils, halloumi and pharmaceutical products, according to the Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat).

In an infographic published on Tuesday, CyStat shows that Cyprus exported €508.39 million of domestically produced goods to EU countries and another €1.84 billion to third countries.

The main products that Cyprus exported to EU countries were pharmaceuticals at 38.5%, worth €195.5 million, halloumi cheese at 22.6%, worth €115.14 million, waste and scrap of paper, glass and metal at 7.6%, worth €38.7 million, potatoes at 6.7%, worth €34.15 million.

In particular, 62.5% of the products exported by Cyprus to third countries in 2023 were mineral fuels and oils, worth €1.15 billion, 10.7% of exports to third countries were halloumi products worth €198.15 billion. Pharmaceutical products were at 8.7%, worth €160.1 million and fruit and vegetable juices at 2.1%, worth €296.4 million.

Domestically produced goods are goods that are wholly obtained in Cyprus or goods produced in another country but their last economically substantial processing or processing that led to the manufacture of a new product or representing an important stage of manufacture, took place in Cyprus.

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