Cabinet approved on Wednesday two plans to provide incentives for the employment and training of 1,265 unemployed.

The total budget of the two plans amounts to €11,694,000, and the costs are divided between €7,824,000 and €3,870,000.

As the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance Yiannis Panayiotou announced after the Cabinet’s meeting, the plans were approved in the context of the government policy for the further mobilisation of domestic human resources and towards achieving the goal of creating full employment conditions, following a proposal by the Labour Ministry.

He noted that through the implementation of the plans, 815 unemployed people under the age of 30 will be employed and trained, and 450 unemployed people will be employed through the use of flexible employment forms, through teleworking as a result of the approval of the relevant legislation.

Panayiotou said that in order to link the implementation of the plans with the integration into the labour market of beneficiaries of welfare benefits, the Ministry is in close cooperation with the competent Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and therefore they will hold a relevant working meeting on Thursday.

“Government is working to make the most of the resources of the Recovery and Resilience Plan for our country’s citizens and by reducing unemployment through these plans, it is expected that approximately 1,500 households will benefit,” he said.

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