The 35-year-old alleges she was sent an item that had an “old” blood stain in the crotch – but claims the seller has denied it was there when she posted it out.

Alex took to TikTok to warn others about the risk of receiving soiled clothes when purchasing second-hand.

“I love Vinted, I don’t often have fails,” she said. 

“I ordered a dress as I’ve got an event coming up, brand new with tags. 

Alex held up the garment to show the apparent blood stain on the crotch of the dress’ underlayer, which commenters dubbed “vile” and “absolutely not okay”.

“What goes through people’s minds?” she continued. 

“That’s going in the bin.

How are you listing that, hun?

“I’m traumatised.” 

Alex, from London, added in the caption of her video that the stain was a “step too far”. 

“I am the biggest advocate for buying pre-loved fashion, particularly for events where I will only wear the items once,” she penned. 

“But the ‘I only wore this once for a photo’ descriptions have to stop. 

There’s no way that wasn’t noticed when you packed that away. 

“That’s my first proper Vinted fail. 

“I don’t mind my stuff being delivered in cereal cartoons. 

“Stained though? That’s a step too far for me.”

The Sun

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