On Friday 23rd February, John Christodoulou and Konstantinos Argiros entered a 50/50 business partnership by purchasing two freehold buildings on Beauchamp Place in Kensington London, near the famous ‘Harrods’, at an undisclosed price. This new collaboration aims at acquiring further properties, with the goal of reselling them after appropriate management.

The collaboration sparked genuine interest and curiosity in the business world, as it is widely known that Mr. John Christodoulou usually maintains full ownership of the projects he is involved in.

This business collaboration signifies not only a strategic investment in real estate but also a shared vision for further work in the field of philanthropy and in the welfare and further development of communities.

The developing friendship between Cypriot entrepreneur and philanthropist John Christodoulou and the most popular Greek male singer Konstantinos Argiros, which started from the field of philanthropy and offering to society, has expanded into a collaboration in Real Estate.

The two men first worked together in April 2023 when Konstantinos Argiros supported the philanthropic foundation ‘Yianis Christodoulou Foundation’ in the pan-Cyprian student competition ‘Love Cyprus’ on a non-profit basis. During the award ceremony, he sang for an entire evening for more than 2,000 children.

The ‘Love Cyprus’ student competition aimed at highlighting the talents of thousands of children from nearly 200 schools, in a way that would promote the beauties and culture of Cyprus, through the creativity of these young people. The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation awarded prices totaling €180,000 to the eight winning schools.

Konstantinos Argiros and John Christodoulou have also participated in other significant events together and with other friends, such as Mariana Latsi, Anna Vissi, Mark Noble, Christian Moore, and many other celebrities, such as the award ceremony to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, in Limassol last year. The award was presented to the Prince by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, in front of distinguished guests from Cyprus, Monaco, and other countries, as an honor for the Prince’s undeniable work for environmental protection.

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