A message of victory, determination and optimism was sent by the mass gathering at the event to present the AKEL Left – Social Alliance European candidate list in Limassol!
AKEL Limassol District Secretary Giorgos Georgiou addressed the gathering, while Lefkios Doratis greeted on behalf of the Social Alliance. The keynote speaker was AKEL’s Parliamentary Representative Giorgos Loukaides.
The 6 candidates, – of our electoral list addressed the meeting:
1) Giorgos Georgiou,
2) Anna Theologou,
3) Stavri Kalopsidiotou,
4) Andros Karagiannis,
5) Niyazi Kizilyurek,
6) Melani Steliou.
Present at the event, among others, were the President Candidate of the Limassol District Organisation of Local Government Yiannis Tsouloftas, Limassol Mayor Candidate Yiannis Armeftis, the Candidate Mayors of the Regional Municipalities of our city and occupied Municipalities, Candidate Deputy Mayors, Councillors and School Superintendents.
In his speech, Giorgos Loukaides referred extensively to the stakes of these elections, the correlation of forces and current situation within the European Parliament:
“Do we want a Europe that spends billions on armaments, a Europe increasingly dependent and tied to the NATO war machine… or do we choose a Europe that acts as a pillar of peace, cooperation and respect for international law?..
Do we want a Europe where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?
Do we want a Europe of democracy, open, inclusive, respectful of human rights and strengthening the rule of law or a Europe that hides the violations f rights under the carpet?
Do we want a Cyprus as an equal partner in Europe or a Cyprus as a mere spectator and applauder of decisions?”
The AKEL parliamentary spokesman went on to send a clear message that the result of these elections will also be an indicator for the domestic front. AKEL, as the only substantive force that has always exercised constructive but strict opposition to a government that unfortunately continues from where the DISY-Anastasiades government left off…
The result of the European elections can and must send a clear message to the government with regards its actions so far. First and foremost, it must send a message of support to AKEL-Left-Social Alliance, as the political force that first and in most cases alone, reveals and resolutely fights back against everything that goes against the interests of our people and citizens.
On June 9th we strengthen our Party, we strengthen the only voice of assertion!
We march forward optimistically and strongly!
This battle can and will be won by all of us together!
Because our Cyprus needs it, our people need it!”

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