Two English stars sent off for HEADBUTTING as European derby descends into chaos after 4-0 thumpingHosts Aris raced into a 3-0 lead after just nine minutes.

And the game was put to bed with 15 minutes of the first half still to play.

But a heated environment saw tempers spill over as the match went on.

With the encounter heading into the final 10 minutes, it appeared things were set to fizzle out.

Brown then appeared to headbutt Marsh, sending him to the floor this time.

And a huge ruckus involving players from both sides broke out as the ref sought to calm things down.

But former Tottenham midfielder and AEL star George Marsh, 25, could not resist a wild tackle on fellow English midfielder and Aris ace Morgan Brown, 24.

Marsh flew into the challenge with both feet, crunching the ex-Leicester youngster on the leg.

At first, it appeared Brown was hurt by the crazy foul.

However, he quickly bounced back to his feet before barging straight into Marsh.

Both Marsh and Brown ended up receiving straight red cards for their behaviour.Last month, Brown lifted the lid on his surprise 2019 move to Aris following a spell with amateur side Stratford Town.

He told the Mail: “It’s crazy to think how fast things can change. If you had told me five years ago I would be playing in the Europa League it would have made no sense.

“I went on a lot of trials, a lot of people said no to me, and it’s really hard to take; not only to be told they don’t want you but to keep calm, go to the next one and try again.

“I always knew I could do it and that’s what stopped me letting go.

“I love to play for Aris. The club accepted me when nobody really wanted me and it would take something special to take me away from here.”
The Sun

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