Statements by the General Secretary of AKEL S.Stefanou:
The President of the Republic seriously avoids discussing what he wants on the Cyprus problem
30 Jan 2024, ‘Astra’ radio
More work, less talk, the General Secretary of AKEL pointed out when asked to comment on the visit of UN Secretary General’s personal envoy to Cyprus Maria Angela Holguin to Cyprus.
Speaking to ‘Astra’, Stefanos Stefanou said that the statements issued by the Turkish side are negative, but this should not discourage the President who will have to convince the international community to resume the talks from the point where they were interrupted at Crans Montana.
S.Stefanou criticised President Christodoulides for seriously avoiding discussing what he wants on the Cyprus problem, which is what he also does in the National Council, while so far he has not even commented on the new letter sent AKEL sent him outlining the main policy pillars set by the Party.
The General Secretary of AKEL stressed that when the President speaks with the UN, he should not either mince his words or with asterisks or footnotes.
Referring to the mandate of the UN Secretary General’s personal envoy to Cyprus Maria Angela Holguin, S.Stefanou said that as far as he knows from information gathered, there is no timetable, underlining however that the international community recognises that this new effort cannot be go on indefinitely.
Referring to the President’s press conference yesterday, S.Stefanou said that it was a show by Nikos Christodoulides who is using communication tricks in his attempt to make a restart which he failed to do when he proceeded with the government reshuffle.
The General Secretary of AKEL called on the President to proceed with actions and to abandon the communication tricks, given that so far he has fallen well below the bar he himself has set.
He also said that there is a political anomaly in Cyprus as half the government is made up of DISY members despite the fact that the Party itself says it is in opposition.
The only opposition force is AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou said.
AKEL’s electoral lists close to being completed within days
AKEL’s electoral lists for the local government elections have been drawn up through the processes that have taken place in each region separately, Stefanos Stefanou told ‘Astra’.
He added that this process is close to being completed and in a few days all the candidate lists will be closed.
Regarding the election list for the European elections, Stefanos Stefanou said that the feedback that AKEL is receiving from society itself is very positive.
Referring to the six candidates, S.Stefanou spoke of a balance that is beneficial both for AKEL and for the image that Cyprus projects.
Asked to comment on opinion polls showing AKEL as the first party, the General Secretary of AKEL said that the changes that have been made and the opening up to society seem to be bearing fruit, but AKEL is not complacent because there are still many battles to be fought.

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