Cyprus will celebrate two decades since joining the European Union on May 1, and a special logo has been designed to mark the occasion.
The design, created by the press and information office to commemorate the 20-year anniversary, was revealed during Monday’s state banquet for the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the presidential palace.
In the logo’s design ‘EU 20 Cyprus’, blue is used for ‘EU’ to symbolise the colour of the European Union, the olive-green for ‘Cyprus’ symbolises peace, and the orange on ‘20’ reflects both the abundant amount of copper on the island and the colour used for the island’s flag.
“This year, we will reach 20 years since the Republic of Cyprus’ accession to the European Union. The anniversary and the visit of the German president are an opportunity to continue celebrating our European identity and reflect on all that we have achieved together over the past two decades,” said President Nikos Christodoulides, presenting the logo.
“We aim to continue strengthening our union and setting new goals for the future in order to fulfil our common vision of being more integrated into the EU.”

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