With the highlighted event of Valentine’s Day, I thought whether attached or single, the most important thing is to love ourselves, not in a selfish conceited way, but in a kind, caring way, where we take time out of our day to invest in our wellbeing and do something as an individual that we can relax, recharge and feel invigorated to deal with everything in a fresh, clear minded approach, to deal with those demanding tasks we have to take on.
Sometimes, trying to switch off mentally can be quite difficult when we have so much going on around us in our daily lives. So making some ‘me time’, is essential to be functioning at our best. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another, so being open to trying different things and then select what helps you unwind and do it regularly.
It was recently recommended to me to try some hot stone crystal therapy – I a little unsure of what I was embarking on, but was more than happy to try this therapy treatment.
‘The Spirit Sisters’ involves two sisters that have devised a new Crystal Package Therapy that includes LA Crystal therapy and reiki healing, with a relaxing facial massage technique on the feet, as well as a guided meditation. The combination of all this was absolutely heavenly, and it even worked for me; I’m quite hyperactive physically, often restless, mentally filled with overload on thinking and creativity and so it often takes quite a lot to totally switch off my overactive mind and fully unwind.
The treatment started with me laying down on a treatment therapy couch, shoes off, with the scent of beautiful aromas, soft lighting and light, gentle, relaxing music. Covered to keep warm, various specific property carrying crystals and stones are placed strategically to work on the chakras of the body, chest, stomach and feet. Crystals are also held in the hands.
The face is cleansed; some angel wing shaped crystals are gently used to massage the face with well-known chosen face products, this is left to absorb, and whilst eyes are closed, a guided meditation helps you drift off into a relaxed state.
The crystals and stones around the feet are then removed, so feet can be massaged while you are relaxing. When this is done and you have completely unwound, you are gently brought back; some hot and cold therapy of crystals included before you emerge all revitalised.
The idea is that it combines a spiritual cleansing of any blocked areas, releasing any negativity to balance and create healing within.
I have to say, this is most definitely now on my regular list of self-indulgence pampering – such a unique mixture of different therapies carried out by such a highly trained and skilled therapist. Where else can you get a facial, meditation, crystal therapy and reiki all in one?! It is most definitely worth a try and ‘The Spirit Sisters’ are offering all Parikiaki readers a discount off your choice of treatment, so that silver £50 treatment will be £40, the Gold at £45 and the platinum at £50. Just call June on 07900 571 787 and quote Parikiaki/Top Tips.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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