Tourist arrivals in Cyprus in January declined by 2.9% compared with the respective period of last year, whereas tourist travel abroad by Cypriots was up by an annual 12.3%, the Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat) has said.

According to data released on Tuesday, the arrivals of tourists reached 87,961 in January 2024 compared to 90,549 in January last year.

Tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom, Cyprus’ largest tourist market, amounted to 18.6% of total arrivals, (16,321), followed closely by Poland with a share of 18.2% (15,978) and Greece with 11.8% (10,384).

Cypriot travel abroad up by 12%

According to CyStat, in January, the total number residents of Cyprus returned home from a trip abroad in January 2024 amounted to 153,499 compared to 136,717 in the respective period of last year, recording an increase of 12.3%.

The main countries from which residents of Cyprus returned in January 2024 were Greece with a share of 30.5% (46,837), the United Kingdom with 11.9% (18,334), Poland with 4.3% (6,525) and Russia with 4.1% (6,241), CyStat added.

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