The sensational revelation that one of the two Greek immigrants arrested for illegal possession of heavy weaponry and suspected of targeting specific public officials and business executives for assassination was working as a guard at a school in Great Neck is the latest shock in a story that promises more.

According to the New York Post, 51-year-old Angelos Hatziangelis worked with Arrow Security, which had a contract with the Great Neck Public School System for the security of the John F. Kennedy Elementary School, where he had been assigned, performing duties as an unarmed guard.

“The individual in question had been assigned to JFK Elementary without any incident of any kind since the start of this school year,” Great Neck schools superintendent Kenneth Bossert said in an email to parents on Tuesday, according to the district.

“However, I must emphasize,” he added, “that he has not been present at JFK or any district facility since his arrest and he will not be permitted to return to school grounds for any reason moving forward.”

The two arrested Greek immigrants, 51-year-old Angelos Hatziangelis on the left and his 39-year-old brother, Andreas Hatziangelis, on the right.
On the other hand, Arrow Security, which is also disturbed by the arrest and the seriousness of the charges faced by its former employee, clarified that it had carried out all necessary checks on the background and character of Angelos Hatziangelis, without finding any alarming findings that would make him unsuitable or dangerous for the safety of the students.

“Additionally, Arrow Security confirmed that this individual also underwent and passed a full background check by an independent investigations firm, as well as drug testing prior to his placement within GNPS [Great Neck Public Schools]” Bossert stated.

Angelos Hatziangelis and his 39-year-old brother, Andreas, were arrested after a police raid on the apartment where they lived with their mother at the intersection of 36th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard, where illegal weapons, a 3D printer for creating weapons, and explosive materials were found and seized. Both face more than 130 serious charges and risk imprisonment of up to 25 years.

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