First Open Political Gathering AKEL in Britain 2024 in memory of Antonis Antoniades at the Cypriot Community Centre Tuesday 6th February 19.30

Antonis was born on the 25th February 1929 in the village of Anaphotia in Cyprus he attended the Pancyprian Lyceum and then took the big step of immigrating to London at a young age where he continued his studies in journalism at the Regent Street Polytechnic in London which is now known as the University of Westminster.

His first job was with the Vema UK Cypriot newspaper where he worked as a journalist and later to become the General Manager. He also was the Chairman and secretary of the Cyprus committee of the Democratic left.

He was also one of the instigators of starting the community Greek Schools in the community Antonis together with Tefkros Anthias, Taki Tsioupra, Taki Francofino and Tony Morphiti made it their duty to rally the Cypriots by going to their houses and asking for support to start the community schools. As a result the Greek Parents Association was founded and several schools were formed and Antonis was the General Secretary for several years.The Association still exists today under the chairmanship of Panayiotis Yiacoumi.

Antonis Antoniades was a regular contributor to our newspaper and was an active member of AKEL Cypriot Community Centre and the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK,

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