Farmers took to the streets in Nicosia

Farmers took to the streets today and converged in Nicosia with their tractors and trucks. They rallied their tractors on the grounds of the national stadium and after stopping to protest outside the Presidential Palace, they headed towards the “House of Europe” where a delegation from the farmers’ organisations delivered a memorandum addressed to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

In their Memorandum the farmers and their organisations demanded substantive financial support and measures aimed at ensuring, inter alia, greater growth and an improvement in their standard of living.

They also stressed that the new Directives of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy are one-sided and raise production costs.

Furthermore, the farmers and their organisations set out the numerous problems that the new policies being pursued by the European Commission have caused to Cypriot farmers, demanding that the Commission promotes better plans to boost producers’ incomes and ensure food security for consumers.

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