A landmark event held in December 2023 in Cyprus has opened new pathways for Cypriot students aiming to forge successful careers in the UK. The event, a collaborative effort between Cypriots in the City and Photiades Education, focused on guiding students in the fields of consulting, banking, accounting, law and engineering.
The event ‘From Classroom to career’ featured a diverse panel of 13 industry experts. The panellists shared their wealth of knowledge and experience, offering students a realistic view of what it takes and how they need to prepare to break into and succeed in these competitive industries.
A key aspect of the event was its focus on practical guidance. Sessions were tailored specifically for Cypriot students, addressing the challenges of entering and thriving in the UK’s professional environment. Topics ranged from crafting an effective CV to strategies for securing internships and graduate positions.
The partnership between Cypriots in the City and Photiades Education was a crucial element, blending professional networking opportunities with educational expertise. This synergy ensured that the event was not just informative but also a launchpad for ongoing support and mentorship for the students.
Attendees left the event with a sense of empowerment, having gained direct and relevant advice from professionals who have navigated similar paths. The event also served as a networking platform, allowing students to forge connections that are vital for building a career abroad.
For more information and resources, students are encouraged to visit the Cypriots in the City and Photiades Education websites and to stay connected via social media for updates on future events and opportunities.
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