As we look out the window in the winter, when the sky is a dull shade of grey, it is not always very enticing to jump up and embrace the day ahead. A little motivation of colour and the illusion of warmth, can change everything in those winter months that seem to just drag on a little too long.
Start with clothing; just because it is cold outside, try not to restrict yourself to just dark colours like black, charcoal, navy, and if you do choose to wear those colours, accessorize with some light or bold complimentary colours. For example, navy blue works well with wine, pink or red; brown works well with mustard, orange, green or beige; grey works well with mauve, purple, pink and bold blue; black works well with almost any colour you want, so those bright reds, pinks, greys, blues, greens, creams and whites.
If you are afraid of being bold in bright colours, then try some patterned fabric clothing where that colour matching has already been worked out for you; just remember not to overdo it with lots of different pattern prints, as it can be tiresome on the eyes, as well as not matching. A little check, tartan, classic tweed or dogtooth patterned fabrics, add that colour in automatically.
Textures are quite important when choosing your colour items; when pairing fabrics, try to think of the textures context – silk or velvet is associated with luxury, cotton and knitwear is comfort. As a rule, textures like denim, cotton, suede and leather, are some basic textures that work well with other textures.
Accessories of bright colour can be a shirt or blouse that goes with a pair of trousers or a skirt, a tie, as well as a handkerchief in a suit pocket. A bright coloured simple neck scarf or a scarf used as a belt, can work well for a splash of colour. Don’t be afraid to experiment, the mirror will not lie to you.
There is always hair colour that can make a big difference, especially in the winter when colour can be flat, since it is unlikely to be lightened naturally by any sunkissed effects of the winter sun. Creating some warm tones of colour lowlights can make a big difference, be it burgundy, wine, red, chestnut, the colour choice is endless, all colours on a dark base, flat hair colour, will most definitely bring it out to its best. On light brown, dark blonde or red hair, light shades of blonde highlights will lift it enough to make a dramatic change.
Nails with some bright colour or added lustre polish will sparkle and shine, or maybe some nail art full of pattern and colour.
Make-up for eyes, cheek and lips is easy, especially with all the make-up available now. The usual guide here is matt shades for day make-up and frosted shimmer shades for evening/going out wear. Neutral shades are recommended for day, with a little gentle tinted colour added on eyes, cheeks, and lips.
Surround yourself at home with some home colour too, even just with lighting some salt candles that glow with illuminating warmth, colour changing lights or candles. Some colour in home accessories such as cushions and throws make us feel good too, even if it is not bright in colour shade, then some added sparkle of silver or gold will still work.

Brighten your day!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x
Facebook: Samsara Kyriakou

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