Two siblings and their grandparents died in a traffic collision in Limassol just half an hour into the new year.

Evanthia Georgiou, a 27-year-old from Limassol, was behind the wheel as the family was returning home after celebrating the new year together. Her grandfather, 72-year-old Nikolaos Zavros was in the passenger seat. The vehicle also carried Evanthia Georgiou’s grandmother, 74-year-old Evanthia Georgiou, and her 17-year-old brother, Nikolaos Georgiou.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Yiannou Kranidioti and Ayias Anastasias streets, just half an hour after midnight on the first day of the year.

Preliminary reports suggest a collision between a double-cabin vehicle, traveling north on Yiannou Kranidioti Street, and a sedan heading south on the same street attempting a right turn onto Ayias Anastasias Street. Evanthia Georgiou was driving the sedan.

Georgiou was driving her grandparents to the village of Limnatis after spending New Year’s eve together.

The impact of the collision sent the sedan off course, climbing the central island before coming to rest facing north against protective railings. Emergency services, including the Fire Service, were called to the scene to extricate the occupants from the wreckage.

All four were pronounced dead upon arrival at Limassol General Hospital.

Marios Haralambous, head of Limassol Traffic Police, spoke from the scene saying that investigations are underway to determine the precise circumstances of the accident. Haralambous mentioned, “There is some testimony being evaluated” when asked about potential eyewitnesses.

In addition to the family tragedy, a foreign couple in the double-cabin vehicle, aged 44 and 38, sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment at Limassol General Hospital. The driver of the double-cabin underwent an alcohol test with no indications of intoxication.

Haralambous addressed queries about seat belts, stating, “At first glance, it appears they were not wearing seat belts.” Regarding the issue of speed, he remarked, “There was a severe collision; there may have been increased speed, but it is subject to investigation.” The possibility of a traffic light violation by either driver is also under scrutiny, with Haralambous noting, “For now, all possibilities are being investigated, and there is testimony being evaluated.”

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    May they rest in peace
    Bad news to start the new year.

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