Three newly appointed Commissioners, Commissioner for the Citizen, Panayiotis Palates, Commissioner for the Development of Mountain Communities Charalambos Christofinas and Commissioner for the Environment, Antonia Theodosiou assumed on Wednesday their duties, following the government reshuffle announced last Monday.

In his statements to the journalists, at the Presidential Palace, Commissioner for the Citizen Panayiotis Palates thanked the President of the Republic “for the trust and the opportunity through the Office of the Commissioner for the Citizen, to implement first of all his pre-electoral commitments regarding participatory governance.”

He added that the second pillar he will deal with “is to act as an auxiliary to the NGOs and organizations that are actively volunteering” and strengthen their action.

The new Commissioner for the Development of Mountain Communities Charalambos Christofinas expressed hope that in good cooperation with all members of the Government they will achieve the best possible result for the inhabitants of the mountainous regions.

In his statements, the Commissioner said that he will advance the three main pillars of the President’s policy for mountain communities, which are the road network, health and education.

Noting then that the President of the Republic has quite an ambitious program, he stated that “we will be here day and night to implement it and we hope that at the end of the day the policy that will be implemented will reach every rural household.”

New Environment Commissioner Antonia Theodosiou expressed satisfaction for the close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

Theodosiou congratulated outgoing Commissioner Maria Panayiotou for her appointment as Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and expressed particular satisfaction for the agreement of close cooperation between the Office of the Environment Commissioner and the Ministry, a cooperation which, as she said, has already been discussed with Permanent Secretary of Environment of the Ministry.

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