AKEL: The persecution of Turkish Cypriots for their views is worrying
16 January 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
The persecution of Turkish Cypriots both in the occupied territories and in Turkey for their views and political activities has been increasing alarmingly in recent times. In addition to the ban on many Turkish Cypriots who have been critical of the Turkish state to one degree or another from entering Turkey, recently we have witnessed two more disturbing events.
One case is the arrest of Alkim Yusuf at Istanbul airport, on charges of allegedly promoting “propaganda of a terrorist organisation” on the basis of political statements made by Yusuf in the past. After subsequently being taken to court he was eventually released.
However, the Turkish authorities’ treatment of him was clearly aimed at terrorising both him, as well as other Turkish Cypriots who are politically active and have adopted a critical stand towards the Turkish state.
The other case is that of Mustafa Hurben, who is being dragged before a military court in the occupied territories this Thursday because, as a conscientious objector, he refuses to serve as a reservist in the occupying army. Similar cases of prosecutions of conscientious objectors have occurred in previous years too.
AKEL denounces once again the attempts to silence the voices of progressive Turkish Cypriots by the increasingly authoritarian Turkish state, which is extending the persecution of people’s views in the occupied territories as well. AKEL also expresses its solidarity with those Turkish Cypriot forces who are fighting to safeguard the free will and communal existence of the Turkish Cypriot

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