The Cyprus problem is in its longest stalemate ever as of 2017 to date, the General Secretary of AKEL Stefanos Stefanou said on Monday, adding that it is obvious that the passage of time without a solution favours and suits Turkey’s plans.
In his statements after the conclusion of the session of the National Council, S.Stefanou said that “this period of deadlock on the Cyprus problem is being used by Turkey to impose new partitionist fait accompli on the ground, while expectations are extremely low”, adding that “it is precisely for this reason that we, regardless of these low expectations, should work so that conditions and dynamics are created, in order to break the deadlock and resume the negotiations from the point where they were interrupted in 2017 at Crans Montana”.
As the General Secretary of AKEL said, bearing in mind this backdrop, AKEL has resubmitted its own proposals and ideas, which are focused on four main points.
More specifically S.Stefanou said that “firstly, in view of the Turkish side’s shift away from the agreed basis of the solution of a Bicommunal Bi-zonal Federation towards a two state solution, the Greek Cypriot side must at every opportunity in a clear way continue to defend the solution of a Bicommunal, Bi-zonal Federation with political equality, as described in the relevant resolutions of the UN”.
Referring to the second point of his Party’s proposals on the Cyprus problem, Stefanou said that “the Greek Cypriot side, without any ambiguities, without footnotes and parentheses, must state its position for a continuation of the negotiations from the point where they were suspended in 2017 at Crans Montana, preserving the convergences that have been agreed so far and expressing its readiness to negotiate on the basis of the Guterres Framework”.
“Thirdly,” he noted, “the Republic of Cyprus must formulate and announce a specific positive agenda towards Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot community. Of course, Euro-Turkey relations are an area for developing a positive agenda, but they aren’t sufficient to create the momentum needed to get back to the negotiations.”
He expressed the view that this positive agenda “must also include the energy issues of the region and Cyprus”, noting that AKEL “has elaborated and submitted a specific proposal since December 2020”.
In relation to the fourth point encapsulated in AKEL’s proposals, the Party’s Secretary General said it has to do with the Turkish Cypriot community, saying that AKEL reiterated its position that the Republic of Cyprus “must unilaterally announce support measures addressing the Turkish Cypriot community”.
“It is very important to strengthen or create a better climate of trust. Turkish Cypriots are our natural allies in the effort to solve the Cyprus problem, to end the Turkish occupation and reunite our country and people,” he noted.
S.Stefanou went on to say that AKEL will submit a comprehensive written document to the President of the Republic, which will include the four points, but pointed out that they will be extended to cover various other issues, which have to do with the Cyprus problem.
Responding to a question on the Cyprus Problem Team, S.Stefanou said that clarifications had been requested by AKEL today from the President of the Republic regarding the role of the Cyprus Problem Group, noting that his Party had received some answers.
“Within the next few days,” he said, “we will reply to the President if and whether AKEL will send him specific names.”

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