Statements by the General Secretary of AKEL St. Stefanou:
The government reshuffle is an expression of great disappointment
8 January 2024, Cyprus News Agency
The Cyprus problem is in the longest stalemate it has ever been in, from 2017 until today, the General Secretary of AKEL Secretary Stefanos Stefanou pointed out, adding that it is obvious that the passage of time without a solution favours Turkey’s plans.
Asked about AKEL’s view on the government reshuffle, S.Stefanou said that “the fact that a government is obliged in the first ten months to announce, discuss and finally proceed to a government reshuffle is also an expression of the great disappointment that has been provoked by the first ten months of the government of the country, a government that has not brought a new spirit, neither a new ethos, nor has it demonstrated the ability to handle even the simplest issues.”
According to Stefanos Stefanou, “from there onwards, the people are judging these developments”, adding that “the people want solutions to existing and very pressing problems, such as, for example, the issue of ongoing price increases and the high cost of living, which is nibbling away at the family budget, putting small and medium enterprises under immense pressure”.
“That is precisely where the Government will have to show whether it has the capacity, the vision and the ability to effectively address these and other issues. So far it has failed to do so,” the General Secretary of AKEL concluded.

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