Cyprus’ Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry is set to revolutionize Cyprus’ housing landscape with a groundbreaking “Grant Scheme for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving in Housing 2024-2025.”

Underscoring the nation’s commitment to sustainability, stakeholders are invited to provide valuable input during the consultation process.

The proposed grant scheme introduces a range of categories, each designed to incentivize the adoption of renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions. Notable categories include “Photovoltaic General,” offering a grant of 375 euros per kilowatt, and “Happy Housing Roof Heating,” boasting a 75% grant and a maximum of €3,750 or €37.50 per square meter.

The plan introduces “Photovoltaics for All,” allowing citizens without initial capital to install a photovoltaic system. Additionally, a special category for roof insulation targets vulnerable households, providing increased sponsorship.

To streamline the application process, the ministry has reduced bureaucracy, minimizing the documentation required from applicants. The implementation and application procedure have been modified for enhanced efficiency.

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