Yesterday (Monday 15 January), saw a Citroen C3 seized in Maryland after the driver was found to have no licence. They have been reported.

On Saturday (13 January), officers spotted a vehicle on the A1M. It was found to be in a dangerous condition and the driver was uninsured. The vehicle was seized and the driver reported.

On Thursday (11 January), a Renault Laguna was seized on Roehyde Way after it was found to have no tax. The driver was reported and the DVLA was alerted.

Meanwhile on that same day, a Peugeot 207 was stopped in Campion Road and seized. The driver was found to hold only a provisional licence and was driving without insurance. The vehicle’s tinted windows were found to be transmitting 17.5% of light, well below the legal minimum of 70%. The driver was reported.

On Tuesday (9 January), a Honda Jazz was seized in Cornflower Way after it was found to be untaxed. The driver had no licence or insurance and was reported.

Earlier that same day, officers seized a Vauxhall Astra in The Common and reported its driver. They had no insurance and the vehicle was found to have numerous defects.

All the drivers were reported at the roadside for the consideration of prosecution. Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) have been submitted to the constabulary’s Cameras, Tickets and Collisions department who will progress the cases accordingly.

PC Richie Stewart, from the BCH Road Policing Unit, said: “We are determined to ensure that your local roads are safe and I hope that residents are pleased to hear this news.

“This should also be a warning to those who think they can get away with driving offences. The next vehicle we seize could be yours. Don’t take the risk.”

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