An increase in hospitalizations of patients with COVID 19 has been recorded recently in Cyprus, however, as the spokesperson for the State Health Services Organization (SHSO) Charalambos Charilaou told CNA, the situation is manageable.

According to Charilaou, around 70 patients are currently being treated, of which three – out of danger – are in the Intensive Care Unit.

He also said that “it seems that there is an increase in admissions with COVID 19”, noting that “it is mainly elderly people, from 75 to 80 years old”.

Replying to a question, he said that these people mainly come from nursing homes, where it seems that there are transmission chains.

The SHSO spokesperson noted that from the history of the specific patients it appears that most of them have not received the last dose of vaccine.

He also stressed that the results of gatherings and overcrowding during holidays, in terms of new infections, will be seen in the coming days.

Charilaou advised the public to continue personal hygiene measures, stressing that personal protection measures should apply for all types of infections.

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