Happy name day to all Theofanis, Fanis,  Fotis Foteni, Fotoulla, Iordanis and Ourania who are celebrating their name day today January the 6th.

Origin of name Fotis – Theofania and Agios Fotios (St Fotios)

Fotis has two name days because it is associated with two different Orthodox themes; on January 6, Greek people celebrate the “Theofania”, Jesus’ baptism in river Jordan by John the Baptist.

Theofania is one of the most important holidays for the Greek Orthodox Church, the last of the three important holidays of the 12 days of Christmas. It is also known as Epifania or Fota – which explains why men named Fotis or Fotios and women Foteni celebrate their nameday on the day of Fota or Theofania.

Patriarch Fotios

However, in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, the name Fotis and Fotios is associated with one of the most significant personalities of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Fotios, also known as Agios Fotios (St Fotios).

Fotios was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 857 to 867 AD and is considered among the most important religious persons for the Greek Church.

He was a very active but also controversial personality for the Greek Church and he was sent to exile several times by different Byzantine Emperors.

The name Iordanis derives, as mentioned, from the name of River Jordan, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

Ourania celebrate their nameday on January 6th, the day of Theofania – the appearance of God to people. Since on this day we refer to everything that comes from the sky and heaven

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